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What is the Original Beer


Original Beer is brewed under sterile conditions throughout the beer fermentation liquid, maximize the retention of active substances and nutrients, upscale and the freshest.

Original Beer is fully contained the amino acid, protein and amounts of microelement which produced in the fermentation processing. One of the most important is Original Beer retains a good deal of active ferment for not only improve people’s digestion and absorption but also maintains the most primitive and the freshest taste of the beer. It smells strong flavor with golden colour , rich foam .It looks like the milk, pure white fine and smooth, you won’t forget it as long as you have a try with it. It’s really the high-end product of the beer.

Original Beer is soft beer stoste that subpackaged from the fermentation tank directly. Compared with other beer, Original Beer has no filtering no UHT.The fresh taste and rich nutrition are fully kept in the original beer. The fresh taste are locked in the beer because of the hypothermia filling condition and reposition. Original Beer tastes delicious and pure. 


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